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Remember we are a fictional model bus company - these services do not run in real life!


Changes to services B1, R1, 25 and 42

Following discussions with our local authority partners, we will be introducing changes to a few of our services from 24 July 2021:

Service B1
We'll be renumbering this service 24. We'll also be adding some addtional journeys as follows:
  - on weekdays at 0742 from Burton to Christchurch, and at 1732 from Christchurch to Burton;
  - on Saturdays at 1532 from Christchurch to Burton.

Service R1
This service will no longer operate, as we will be returning to how things operated before the first Covid lockdown. This will mean the reintroduction of services 7a/7b and 8, which will both operate every hour:
  -  Service 7a/7b between Tower Park, Upper Parkstone and Alder Road, then on to either Talbot Heath (7a) or Bloxworth (7b);
  -  Service 8 will operate every hour between Alderney East, Rossmore, Upper Parkstone, Lower Parkstone and Penn Hill.

Service 25
This service has been suffering from timekeeping issues, as well as low useage across Boscombe and on Satudays. To resolve this, we'll be splitting this service back into two routes, with service 25 running between Slades Farm and Boscombe only. The Saturday service will also finish an hour earlier.

To replace the 25 between Boscombe and Christchurch, we'll be reinstating service 31. Buses will only run on weekdays, but they will run at the same times that the 31 used to operate at.

Service 42
The schoolday journeys at 0735 from Westbourne and 1550 from Castlepoint will be reintroduced. We'll no longer be operating the 742 school bus which ran at similar times. (Yes, we know we're doing this at the start of the summer holidays!)



Say hello to our new service

We're pleased announce that we'll be introducing a brand new service from Monday 19 April 2021.

Service X87 will link Poole with Dorchester in under an hour, with buses passing through Upton, Bere Regis, Tolpuddle and Puddletown along the way. Buses will operate every hour during Monday to Saturday daytimes, with buses serving the Thomas Hardye School at school times.

We hope this new service will prove popular as we move out of lockdown, for commuters and for days out to Dorchester Market, Athelhampton or Upton Country Park!

Look out for our specially branded double deck buses that will be used on this route!

You can preview the timetable here.