All about us

We're a bus company. A model bus company at that. What more is there to say? ​

Well, here goes!


Dorset Fox is a fictional bus company presented at model scale, providing a network of bus routes operating across southern and eastern Dorset, including the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole urban area.

Our roots go back to 2014, when the fictional company was created to combine interests in model making and timetable design.


YJ12 NAA in the company's original racing green livery.


The idea behind the company was to create a fictional network of services that would complement those provided by the larger real life operators. ​

Some of the routes are in fact those previously offered in the real world, whilst others are adaptations of current "marginal" or local authority supported services.

In 2020, we gave our image an update, with a new logo and livery being introduced across the fleet.


To make the company as real as possible, the following steps are considered:
   - all services are timetabled and routed accordingly;
   - any hazards or restrictions are taken into consideration;
   - all models are presented in fleet livery, with all relevant detailing applied;
   - any real-life regulatory changes are adopted - we've already had DDA, and modelers have embraced this with their own fleets.

A policy of slow and steady expansion has been adopted, so that the fleet remains relatively small. This also means that less space is required for storing the models.

However, if any possibilities are thought of, then they will of course be considered for introduction and suitable vehicles sourced. We're always welcome to new route suggestions from fans.